jueves, 15 de mayo de 2014

Dungeon in a Bag!

Hi Dungeon Masters, crafters and gamers!

I have been a long time without writing anything but now I bring some great news.
I present you DUNGEON IN A BAG. You just buy a bag and is ready to place your dungeon!

I am preparing a dungeon floor set that will be better than anyone available on the market.
Some things that I work out to make this sets:

Quality – Sculpt:
Every piece has been sculpted with love and great detail. You will see every rock has texture and sets have a lot of evocative objects like hidden traps.

Quality - Material:
All the pieces are casted in high quality resin. This mean that will last forever, could be pass for your son and grandson.
It doesn’t brake unless you want to, this means that your fatty friend could seat on them or fall from more than 2 o 3 meters and won´t brakes.

Multiuse pieces:
This was one of the key aspects of the project. No one tells a Dungeon Master how should be his dungeon.
Getting different sets from 1inch X 1inch (2,5cm) squares to tiles of 4 x 4 inches (10cm) you can build any dungeon you imagine.
And where are the walls? Is a very interesting question. They are on the set too. Look close to the photos, you can use the 1inch/2,5cm x 4inches (10cm) and 2inches x 4inches (10cm) as walls!
This is because the thickness if enough to sustain the piece vertically.

The first scenery piece is a portal. You can use it as a fountain too!!

Final color:
If you don’t like to paint or don´t have the time it´s not a problem, they come casted in resin with a very nice grey color.

Some photos of the final product

First sets with be available on Desafio Wargame Zaragoza-Spain.
Have any questions? Something you want to add to your dungeon but don’t exist?
Post a comment!

Keep sculpting, playing and painting!

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  1. Da gusto el trabajo tan espectacular que has creado increíble Ooouyeahh!!!