miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012

Tournaments /Leagues Trophies

Here we have a new and insane idea for your tournament or league.
I can reproduce a sculpted trophy, but.. Why don´t you have us designs them?
The only limit is your imagination. Can be done in any size or detail.
Materials: metal /resin.

The most popular and demanded item is a shield + base related to the tournament/league.
Here I have an example of the Villaverdes League, which symbol is a skull. I made skull shields for general trophy and 3D skull for Cup winner.
*Now I use the plastic letters that sell Impact on the base, that work great on the last trophies I use them on (Adoradores bowl and Eukaliptus Bowl). I will release the photos of them after the tournaments takes place.  

3 comentarios:

  1. Por lo menos, si vais a usar una copia en resina de la peana de la Madbowl, lo menos que debiais hacer es pedir permiso... no???

  2. Te mandé un mensaje hace unos días, no se si lo has recibido.

  3. El tema se ha solucionado y ahroa se pueden pedir trofeos con esa base